Die Microsoft Virtual Academy hat regelmäßig sehr interessante Trainings. Die beiden Moderatoren Yuri Diogenes, Ty Balascio stellen in ihrem virtuellen Training das Thema „Hybrid Cloud Workload Protection with Azure Security Center“ vor. 

In 2 Stunden werden die folgenden Themen beleuchtet:

1 | Getting Started with Azure Security Center (0:29)
Learn about the current threat landscape and how Azure Security Center can enhance your security posture.
Getting started with Azure Security Center
2 | Workload Protection (0:33)
Learn how to onboard Azure Security Center and how to implement security policies and recommendations.
Onboarding Azure Security Center
Implementing Security Policies
Implementing Recommendations
Just in Time VM Access
Adaptive Application Controls
3 | Detecting and Responding to Threats (0:24)
Join us as we explore the detection capabilities and security alerts available with Azure Security Center.
Detection Capabilities
Creating Custom Alerts Part 1 and Part 2
4 | Incident Response (0:28)
Learn more about incident response in the hybrid cloud.
Incident Response in the Hybrid Cloud
Investigating Security Issues
Using Security Playbooks
Using Threat Inteeligence
Using Search
5 | Final Considerations (0:08)
Review additional resources and next steps to take.
Next Steps
Post-Course Survey