Inzwischen ist es schwierig, sich eine Übersicht zu verschaffen, wo wichtige Informationen rund um das Thema „Teamwork“ bei Microsoft zu finden sind. Insofern finde ich es hilfreich, wenn man gelegentlich eine Sammlung von Quellen findet – in diesem Fall war es eine Vorarbeit die A. Chattopadhyay geleistet hat und aus der ich folgende (sehr Entwickler-lastige) Tabelle erstellen konnte: 


  Title + Information

Microsoft Teams: What’s new on the platform

What’s new in the Microsoft Teams platform and learn how to leverage the latest innovation to deliver something incredible. Dive deep into new features and take advantage of the momentum behind Microsoft Teams.


Maximizing existing solutions and services in Microsoft Teams

Boost productivity by re-using your solution instead of recreating it. Learn how and where to start harnessing your existing workplace investments across Microsoft solutions and other platforms. We’ll create apps and integrations that extend and modernize solutions using the Microsoft Teams platform, showcasing multiple real-world solutions from partners.


Microsoft Teams automation with Microsoft Graph: bots, APIs, and more

In this session, we’ll learn how to build a bot that uses Microsoft Graph to integrate Microsoft 365 data and Microsoft Teams. We’ll use device code authentication, security and directory APIs, the Bot Framework, and finally demonstrate how to push the bot into Microsoft Teams.


Microsoft Flow & Microsoft Graph – Automated processing of information intelligently

Microsoft Graph API support M365 in many ways. Other services like PowerApps and Flow provide direct or indirect integration with MS Graph API. Microsoft Flow, in particular, provide the capability to automate business processes and governance for various services in Azure and M365. When we add MS Graph API with Flow, it’s best combination. By using Graph API connector in Flow, you can automate many processes like creating new Teams, sending important messages in Teams, reviewing security threats and deciding the actions. All these capabilities are available build in the product. What you need is a business problem. As takeaway from this sessions, you will learn how to connect Graph API with Flow and use it for real world scenarios.


Automate Caffeine delivery with a Teams „CoffeeBot“

Microsoft Teams is shaping up as the hottest tool on the collaboration block, and bots are shaping up as the way to scale out interaction with complex internal IT systems.
Furthermore, the performance of your team relies on the presence of the sweet aroma, taste, and heart-starting impact of caffeinated beverages.
Using Microsoft Teams, Microsoft’s Bot Framework and LUIS from Azure Cognitive Services, learn how to add a bot to a Team, manage channel and private conversations to ask one of the most critical questions in today’s modern workplace – “who wants a coffee”?


Microsoft Teams developer platform

See, how teams around the world collaborate, go to the market, and build modern apps more efficiently with Teams


Microsoft Teams Platform Academy

Hier finden Sie grundlegende Videos – wie z. B. „Microsoft Teams Platform overview“ oder z. B.  „Microsoft Teams Platform Architecture Overview


SharePoint Framework

Updated SharePoint Framework training package which is targeted to be used for self-learning or for redelivering provided material as a local training delivery inside of your own company or for your customers. All materials are provided for you to reuse anyway you preferred without any needs for asking permissions or notifying anyone (“sharing is caring”).


Graph Api

This sample demonstrates using the Microsoft Graph APIs for Microsoft teams to automate team lifecycles for Contoso Airlines. every night, they create a new team for each flight they are flying the following day, and after the flight, they archive the team… 


Demo App für Microsoft Teams:

Airline example with „Flight information Bot, Passenger information Bot, Baggage information Bot …“ aber auch Beispiele für Manufacturing (Inventory Bot), Professional Services (Employee Leave App) etc.

HR Sample: a Microsoft Teams app that will be used by the Human Resources department within their Microsoft Teams clients. The app will facilitate the department’s hiring of new talent into the organization, provide immediate interview feedback, schedule interview loops, and improve the overall hiring process of new employees. Contoso HR Talent App will help you understand how to transform hiring and candidate management flow of new talent and make it more interactive and responsive for HR teams and interviewees.


Office developer – hands on labs

Eine Sammlung von Trainings rund um Office. Hier finden Sie zahlreiche Beispiele. Dabei geht es nicht nur um die Erstellung von Addins für Office Anwendungen, sondern auch z. B. um Themen wie „Extend a Microsoft Teams app with Authentication“ oder „Build Microsoft Teams customization using SharePoint Framework“.


SharePoint Framework – Tutorial

Sie finden hier eine Sammlung von Anleitungen rund um SharePoint-Entwickler-Themen wie z. B. „Getting startet with SharePoint Framework client-side Webparts“ oder „Build your first Field Customizer extension


Eine spannende Sammlung stellen die „selfpacedlabs“ dar. Hier können die Trainings nach verschiedenen Gesichtspunkten gefiltert werden – insgesamt stehen über 150 Labs zur Verfügung. Diese reichen von „A day in the life of a teams admin“ bis zu „Administering Office 365 with Windows PowerShell“

Ich denke, dass trotz des hohen Entwickler-Anteils, viele interessante Informationen in den genannten Websites, Videos oder Artikeln rund um das Thema Teamwork verfügbar sind.